Zap Baddies

Zaps all baddies on the level. They all take 1 point of damage, as if hit by a single egg. Effect is instant.
Double Damage

Each egg thrown, that hits a baddie, will do double the normal damage. Effect lasts for 10 seconds.

You become invisible to homing baddies (dolphins and sharks). Effect lasts for 10 seconds.

Freezes baddies and rain. Effect lasts for 5 seconds.
Extra Time

Delays the spikes of death for 10 seconds.

Upgrades your armour by 1 stage. There are a maximum of 3 stages you can upgrade to. You lose a stage if you are hit by a baddie or a spike.
Flying Boots

You have shiny new blue flying boots. Push 'up/jump' to fire the thrusters, and send your duck flying up the screen. Effect lasts for 10 seconds.
High Jump

You have green jump boots. Push 'up/jump' to send your duck rocketing up the screen to new and dizzy heights. Effect lasts for one jump.

You become invulnerable, and cannot be hurt by baddies or spikes, but skulls will still kill you. Effect lasts for 10 seconds.